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Get paid to shop great deals.

Marx Smart Offers are personalized and presented to you while you’re browsing. No ads, no clutter, no searching for coupons.

How it works

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Create a profile

Import basic information about yourself. The more you input, the smarter Smart Offers become.

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Install the browser extension

Browse as you normally would. The extension will remove normal ads on the page and start recommending Smart Offers.

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Save and earn!

Beyond great discounts, you’ll also earn Marx Cashback for purchases made via Smart Offers. Redeem what you earn for gift cards!


A better deal for your data

Marx is on a mission to empower people to take back control of their data. Companies make a ton of money off your personal data and you don’t get a cut. We’re changing that.

Deals and rewards – on a mission

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

The more data you connect to Marx’s encrypted system, the smarter Smart Offers become and the more tailored your experience.

Rewards + Discounts

Rewards + discounts

In addition to great deals, you earn rewards every time you redeem a Smart Offer. Cash out Marx points for gift cards.

Better Browsing

Better browsing

The Marx Smart Offer extension has an ad blocker built in. Clear the clutter and rest assured that you are only seeing Offers that reward you!

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