Your Personal Data Bank
Your Data.
Your Money.
What is Marx?
A digital bank for
Securing, Controlling and Monetizing
your personal data
Utilizing end-to-end encryption + two-step verification, we make sure your data is just as secure as your money…because in the end, that’s exactly what it is.
Understand exactly who has access to your information and how it is being used. Pick and choose which brands/businesses can access your data — for how long, and for how much.
Your data could easily be worth up to $1000 a year. Stop letting them have all the fun. Start getting paid for what is rightfully yours.
What makes up
Your personal data?
The estimated value of
your data by 2022
Amount of Facebook’s
revenue that comes from
monetizing our data
Earned by brokers
over the last year
How does it work?
Upload Your Data
Pull in your data to our secure and fully encrypted database
Value Your Data
Price your data with our proprietary algorithm
Control Access
Set conditions, and manage who, when, and how businesses can access your personal data
Get Paid
Get paid every month by licensing access direct to businesses, advertisers, etc.
The Team
Greg Marx
X Greg Marx

After graduating from Princeton University (’07), Gregory entered the burgeoning world of data analytics and MarTech at CBS Corp. In 2015 he received his MBA from the Marshall School of Business at USC, where his coursework focused on business management and entrepreneurship—facilitated by coursework at the Lloyd Greif Center of Entrepreneurial Studies.

It was during his final semester at Marshall that he decided to pivot away from business consulting and agreed to join forces with his brother, Michael, in designing a novel data monetization platform designed to bring efficiencies to the $250 billion/year data brokerage business.

Michael Marx
X Michael Marx

Michael received his undergraduate training at Tufts University and USC in Psychology & Consumer Behavior, with minors in both Business Administration and Applied Statistics. An avid reader and longtime student of modern economic theory, Michael’s path to entrepreneurship developed from his study of Game Theory and how the forces of human behavior + self-interest power classical economic theory.

Having become convinced of the enormous potential in today’s economy for enhancements in data monetization – coupled with the self-regulating potential of newfound blockchain technologies – Michael is excited to show the world how data can be priced, bought, and traded, just like any other asset.

Shashank Singh
X Shashank Singh

Prior to joining the company, Shashank was VP of Engineering at Publicis Media where he helped lead the development of its proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP). As one of the first employees of Flurry, Shashank played an integral role in launching one of the world’s first mobile-centric RTB exchanges. After Yahoo’s acquisition of Flurry in 2014, Shashank worked on the integration of the firms’ systems – merging legacy tech with Yahoo’s AdServer technologies.

Prior to Flurry, Shashank was a Lead Technical Engineer at Goldman Sachs, where he led a team of developers in architecting and developing the firm’s OTC derivatives trade flow systems. He has an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Finance from NYU Stern and B.E. in Computer Science from India.

Cal Notman
X Cal Notman

Cal brings to the team over 8 years of user interface + graphic design experience. After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with an honors degree in Business Economics, Cal began his own UI/UX consulting firm, Ionyx Innovations, where he and his team created innovative business technologies by delivering both web and mobile platform solutions for a diverse range of clients. Cal then took a job at SKY Group, the European media and telecommunications company, where he led design of UX/UI for the SkySports iOS/Android App.

From there, he was recruited by Ticket Arena as a Business Solutions Architect—working directly with C-suite executives and developers to help revamp their branding and UI on a suite of products. In 2016 Cal uprooted from the UK and moved to NYC to become Head of Design at the company. He plays a central role designing the UI/UX for our suite of products, including: mobile, web, and enterprise applications.

Gayle Hagegard
Director of Operations
X Gayle Hagegard
Director of Operations

Gayle is a career consultant with specialized expertise in technology, strategy and operations. She received her B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and subsequently earned her MBA from M.I.T.’s Sloane School of Management.

Gayle brings with her over a decade of hands-on experience in management consulting and operational strategy working at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, and later at Accenture where she was an Associate Partner.

Naren Giridharan
VP of Engineering
X Naren Giridharan
VP of Engineering

Before joining the company, Naren was a VP of Engineering at Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, he spent 11 years leading the architecture and development of the bank’s most valuable trading algorithms and database systems, including SecDB—the jewel of Goldman’s data-based trading activities and risk models. Naren brings to the team unrivaled experience in the world of fintech and database architecture, along with a unique understanding of derivative asset pricing and OTC valuation.

His specialization in the development of reconciliation frameworks will prove critical in our mission to bring transparency and control to the integrity of data communication among various platforms.

Preet Raj
Director of Engineering
X Preet Raj
Director of Engineering

Preet received his Masters in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2013. Thereafter, he served four years as a Senior Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division, where he was one of the lead developers on an automation software called DealLink. After Goldman, Preet was recruited as a Senior Big Data engineer for J.P. Morgan Chase.

There, he specialized in ETL and Big Data processing, helping develop new pipelines for the firm’s internal Data Lake. Preet’s experience in the big data space, unwavering work ethic, and proven leadership skills make him an invaluable member of our all-star tech team.

Katherine Cosentino
Director, Brand Strategy
X Katherine Cosentino
Director, Brand Strategy

Katherine joins our company after spending the last eight years consulting for multiple start-ups and early-stage businesses based in Hong Kong and Europe. After graduating from Amherst College in 2005, Katherine worked as a trader in equities and derivatives at SBI Group, and later moved to Hong Kong to manage the firm’s APAC portfolio. She eventually left SBI to pursue more entrepreneurial endeavors—joining forces with some other expats in Hong Kong to help build J.J. Thread, a DTC e-commerce venture providing affordable custom dress shirts for men. While working at J.J., Katherine created a consulting business focused on advising early-stage businesses.

Along with her partners, the firm has helped multiple ventures in their early years of growth, playing a hands-on role in projects ranging from e-commerce to market research and educational technology. 

Nikhil Ashra
Director, Business Development
X Nikhil Ashra
Director, Business Development

After graduating from Princeton University (’10), Nikhil spent 4 years as a commodities futures analyst for legendary trader Mark Fisher at MBF Clearing. Then in 2014, Nikhil joined Institutional Capital Network (iCapital) as their 8th employee—spearheading the business development and relationship management practice for their alternative investment software. Nikhil played an integral role in scaling the platform and helping the company grow to 100+ employees, and $5.2Bn in AUM by 2017.

As Director of Enterprise Implementation, he successfully executed platform integrations for some of the industry’s leading asset managers, broker dealers, and independent wealth advisors. Nikhil brings to the company an acute understanding of financial markets + enterprise technology sales, along with a proven track record of scaling startups through periods of tremendous growth.

Andrew Quel
Director, Strategic Partnerships + Growth
X Andrew Quel
Director, Strategic Partnerships + Growth

Andrew brings to the company over eight years of experience in the startup space. At the age of 21 he dropped out of USC to join Dollar Shave Club as one of its first 10 hires. While at Dollar Shave Club, he played an integral role in their viral marketing strategy and helped them through a period of tremendous user-growth. He was then hired by the parent company of a social voting app, Wishbone, and helped them scale to 3.1 Million MAU within a 4 month period.

After Wishbone, Andrew joined forces with some of his friends to cofound the dating app SoulSwipe…helping them reach over 10 million downloads in a two-year period. Andrew will lead our strategic partnerships division, as we grow out the platform and bring together a network of entrepreneurs and companies that share our vision of a free and fair market for personal data monetization.

Stefanie Marx
Director of Marketing & Product Initiatives
X Stefanie Marx
Director of Marketing & Product Initiatives

One of its founding members, Stefanie brings years of creative strategy and marketing experience to the Company. After graduating from Tufts University (’10) with a B.A. in Child Psychology and a minor in Communications, she began working in the media industry with a focus on the digital space. Over the next 6+ years, Stefanie acquired marketing and product development proficiency across mainstream (tv/film) and digital platforms – retained by top brands such as Hewlett Packard, Coca-Cola and Atlantic Records.

In this role, she worked with star influencers (Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, Jason Mraz) to produce innovative, eye-catching viral videos capturing over 5 million views. These experiences with brands and millennial-driven content sparked her interest in first-party data as a way to create targeted, high-quality marketing content in an ecosystem which is incentivized and fun for the consumer.

Andrew Yocca
Backend Engineer
Omar Sadek
Senior Backend Engineer
Adam Swed
Senior Front-End Engineer
Elliot Neal
Lead Mobile Engineer
Alex Behrman
Junior Engineer
Brendan Gilbert
Connor Hymann
Video Editor